7 delicious Asian Dishes not yet popular in the West

Asian dishes are increasingly popular in Europe and America. Everybody nowadays eats sushi, Chinese instant noodles or Japanese ramen, sweet and sour chicken or spring rolls. Most of those are not actually dishes that real Asian people like to eat, or even eat at all. Instead, let me give you a list of 10 delicious Asian foods -which Asian people do actually consume- and that will probably very soon land in your western plates.

7 delicious Asian Foods not yet popular in the West
1) Bibimbap - Korea
We're right into the middle of the "Korean Wave"(K-pop, smartphones brands, dramas..). And this dish actually fits Western tastes pretty well, so it has a lot of potential in Europe and America. Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with vegetables and chili pepper paste. Entertaining and delicious.

7 delicious Asian Foods not yet popular in the West
2) Xiaolongbao - China
It is a type of steamed bun originally from China, but made popular by the Taiwanese restaurant Din Tai Fung. The chain now has branches all over Asia, as well as in Australia and the United States. Din Tai Fung is definitely not planning to stop expanding in the rest of the world, so there's a good chance you'll have the chance to taste that in your home country soon.
7 delicious Asian Foods not yet popular in the West
7 delicious Asian Foods not yet popular in the West
3) Dal Bhat - Nepal
A very traditional everyday meal from Nepal, just as popular there as burgers are in the US. Tasty and quite convivial as well.

4) Okonomiyaki - Japan
7 delicious Asian Foods not yet popular in the West A kind of Japanese pancake containing various ingredients, such as noodles, vegetables, meat or seafood. It is often compared to an omelette, except that it is just twice as tasty.

5) Phở - Vietnam
A popular street food in Vietnam. It is basically a noodle soup consisting of broth, noodles, a few herbs, and meat. Not my personal favorite, but it's worth a shot.

7 delicious Asian Foods not yet popular in the West
6) Baobing - Taiwan
Let's be honest, most Asian desserts suck. But Baobing is definitely the exception. It basically consists in shaved ice, toped with fruits, ice cream, condensed milk, or even taro and red beans.

7 delicious Asian Foods not yet popular in the West
7) Rice Burgers - All Eastern Asia
In Asia, several fast food restaurants, such as Mos Burger, offer rice burgers as an alternative to more traditionnal western fast food. The buns are basically made out of rice, and are filled with seafood, vegetables or meat.

Bon appétit !

YouBike : Taipei's Bike Share Scheme

YouBikeIntroduced in 2009 by Taipei City Government, Taipei's bike sharing system is slowly becoming a true alternative to more traditional means of transportation, especially for short-distance journeys. In a city as polluted as Taipei, using a bicycle instead of taking the bus -or even worse riding a motorcycle- can do a lot of good to the air quality in the long run.

The system is extremely convenient. Registering can be done online on YouBike's website or at the kiosk of any station, and all that is required is an EasyCard (the same as the one used in the MRT and buses) and a Taiwanese phone number.

YouBike is certainly one of the best systems of the sort in the world. Although there might not be as many stations and bicycles available as in Chinese cities like Wuhan, Hangzhou or Shanghai, the tracking system available on YouBike's website allows its users to see in real time how many bicycles are left in the nearest station, which isn't the case for most of the Chinese bike sharing systems. 

If YouBike is increasingly popular in the Taiwanese capital among youngsters, it is also because the fees stay very reasonable. Only NT$30 for a 2-hour loan, and the first half hour is even free of charge. Way cheaper than Paris' Velib' or London's Barclays Cycle Hire, where renting a bike for 2 hours costs respectively 7€ and £6 (10 times as much!!). Furthermore, in Taipei, there is no need for a yearly registration like in Barcelona or New-York. Taipei's system is basically more simple and convenient . You are only charged according to the length of the rental. That's it. Coming from the country with the highest density of convenience stores in the world, it is after all not so surprising.

YouBike has over 120 stations and 2500 bicycles. It covers most of the key places around the city, including Shilin, Beitou and Tamsui; Xingyi and Shongshan District being the most densely covered areas (see picture below). The number of stations keeps increasing, and soon, there will probably be a YouBike station near every single MRT station in Taipei. 

YouBike stations
The city is very well covered in terms of bicycle stations.

YouBike is in line with Taiwan government's desire to make the city more international. Taipei Metro was created in the perspective to connect the key areas quickly and effectively. And with YouBike, that's also what is enabled, but in a cleaner, more relaxed way. Riding a bike throughout a city is a great way for tourists to enjoy sightseeing. In the long run, the initiative will also certainly help decreasing the number of scooters on the road, which is still now pretty alarming, and causes high levels of air pollution. Thus, YouBike might help the country be more appealing internationally. 

The 15 Best Xiaomi MIUI themes

Xiaomi smartphones are increasingly popular, at least in Europe and Asia. The upcoming Xiaomi Mi3 will probably not break the rule. One of the most interesting features with these smartphones (apart from the very cheap price) is the possibility to customize your smartphone beyond what's permitted on regular Android devices. Xiaomi offers a long list of themes that are really cool. I selected the best 15 best MIUI themes for you! Click on the pictures to have more information about the themes.


Xiaomi MIUI - Origami Theme
Xiaomi MIUI - Origami Theme         Xiaomi MIUI - Origami Theme      


Xiaomi MIUI - MIAO Theme
Xiaomi MIUI - MIAO Theme         Xiaomi MIUI - MIAO Theme   


Xiaomi MIUI - Superman Theme
Xiaomi MIUI - Superman Theme         Xiaomi MIUI - Superman Theme   


Xiaomi MIUI - Vert Theme
Xiaomi MIUI - Vert Theme         Xiaomi MIUI - Vert Theme   


Xiaomi MIUI - Study ThemeXiaomi MIUI - Study ThemeXiaomi MIUI - Study Theme

Xiaomi MIUI - Demin ThemeXiaomi MIUI - Demin ThemeXiaomi MIUI - Demin Theme

A Little Big

Xiaomi MIUI - A Little Big Theme
Xiaomi MIUI - A Little Big Theme         Xiaomi MIUI - A Little Big Theme 


Xiaomi MIUI - Nostalgia Theme
Xiaomi MIUI - Nostalgia Theme         Xiaomi MIUI - Nostalgia Theme 

Pencil Color

Xiaomi MIUI - Pencil Color Theme
Xiaomi MIUI - Pencil Color Theme         Xiaomi MIUI - Pencil Color Theme   


Xiaomi MIUI - Silence Theme
         Xiaomi MIUI - Silence Theme


Xiaomi MIUI - Cola-Cola Theme
Xiaomi MIUI - Cola-Cola Theme         Xiaomi MIUI - Cola-Cola Theme      


Xiaomi MIUI - MiRabbit Theme
Xiaomi MIUI - MiRabbit Theme         Xiaomi MIUI - MiRabbit Theme   

Xiaomi MIUI - Crimson Theme
Xiaomi MIUI - Crimson Theme         Xiaomi MIUI - Crimson Theme   

Xiaomi MIUI - JJ Landlords Theme
Xiaomi MIUI - JJ Landlords Theme         Xiaomi MIUI - JJ Landlords Theme 

Xiaomi MIUI - China Fingertips Theme
Xiaomi MIUI - China Fingertips Theme         Xiaomi MIUI - China Fingertips Theme   

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